Ready, Set, GO!

 Everyday there are decisions made. It’s the choices, and then what we decide to do with them, that matters. This translates over into food as well. My ambition is to create and eat great food. Nothing super fancy, but delicious creations for my husband and I to enjoy. Also, each day to incorporate activity in some form to lead a healthy lifestyle.

There are so many great sites I have found and follow that provide inspiring recipes or ideas, I wanted to have a space to write out my attempts at food greatness. Honestly this has held me back somewhat. My pages may not be filled with professional sounding and looking posts, perfectly angled photos or great writing technique but I will try my best at being me: a 25-year-old Mississippi girl, married for 2 years to my prince charming trying to find my niche.

I also have a really bad habit, the term I’ve come up with for it is – Imagacrastinate = imagine and procrastinate. I will think of really great ideas for food, for personal routines, for life… and then I will procrastinate about actually starting or doing them at all!! I do this a lot. a lot. I can’t promise to never imagacrastinate again but from this day forward I promise to myself and to any of you who stumble across my humble pages to quit just thinking and start doing.

        Delicious Wishes!            


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