In the Zone

In reading posts from those in my BlogRoll today I came upon a challenge Tina(great name!) from Carrots ‘N’ Cake introduced for the month of November. The idea is, since this is the month most associated with being thankful, take time every day to mention something, big or small, you are thankful for. I thought this was an awesome idea, the world can be so full of negative things it will be refreshing to focus on positive things.

So what am I thankful for today? My job. Its not glamorous (is it bad that I used Fergie’s song to spell out that word?!?) and it may not be deemed a high up position but it is a job and it helps provide financially for us.
Would you like to join in the November Be Thankful challenge? You can read more about it on Tina’s blog through the link above!

In other news, I find myself drawn into signing reality shows. I enjoy many of them for the most part and its possible for me to skip a show or two, but if I find myself in the room while they are on tv I’m glued, literally. Last night I was on my way to jump in the shower, well I was suppose to be, until I walked back in the living room and found The Sing-Off coming on. I have not watched a single episode of it this season but I stood there and watched, frozen in my tracks, until Ken walked back in and “caught” me, standing there inches from the tv watching till commercial. Then laughter ensued at my “in the zone” moment.

Is there a particular type of show you get sucked into?

Delicious Wishes!


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