Hawaiian Pizza

Today in following the Be Thankful Challenge I am thankful for my ponytail holders. When morning comes, I tend not to move very fast so those mornings when I run out of time to really fix my hair, ponytail holders come to the rescue! Today was one such morning, I was able to rock a side braid style all day.

Hawaiian home cooked pizza was for dinner tonight. Its another easy and a fairly quick meal.

food 002

Here are the ingredients:
– 1/2 jar pizza sauce
– 1/2 bag of pizza cheese
– canadian bacon sliced in triangles
– sliced pineapple chunks
– pillsbury pizza thin crust dough

food 004

prebake dough for 5 mins according to instructions on package
remove from oven; spread sauce over dough ( I like to add a couple of spices to the sauce: tomato basil garlic, garlic & red pepper and garlic powder… I’m detecting a trend here…)
add a layer of cheese then add canadian bacon and pineapple; top it off with a final layer of cheese
bake for 7 mins; pull out of oven adding a mix of butter and parmesan cheese to the outer crust
put under broiler to get crispy ( be sure to watch it closely so it will not burn!)

food 008

TADA!! delicious home cooked pizza in less than 30 mins.

You can virtually make any style pizza this way by just adding the ingredients you prefer. I’ve also made Pepperoni pizza using this technique. Veggies aren’t very popular on pizza in our house, can you tell?

What are your favorite toppings for pizza?

Delicious Wishes!


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