Better Late Than Never

Hello and Happy New Year! I think I may finally be able to catch my breath now that the holidays are over.  Let’s do a quick recap of some highlights that have happened since I last posted.

We gathered and gave Thanks (I know I fell short on my list for the Be Thankful Challenge so I will be making a post dedicated to finishing it)
november 2011 001

november 2011 089

Did some sorting through magazines starting with this:
november 2011 014

and ending up with this:
november 2011 016

Put the tree up and got it decorated!
november 2011 032

Went to Canton to see the lights
november 2011 055

november 2011 058
the horses were adorable in their hats!

november 2011 064

november 2011 070

november 2011 086
we found a bookstore while walking the square
november 2011 087

and finally watched the dancing lights music tree
november 2011 066

We enjoyed Christmas with family, celebrating the reason for the season and had fun opening gifts (I also forgot my camera when packing for Ken’s parents, so no pictures this year)
We came home and finished our Christmas celebration – Ken and I only take a couple gifts actually up to his parents, the rest of ours we leave under our tree and open them together when we get home.
december2011 012
trying out the feature on my new camera! Smile detection!

We had a Friendsgivingmas party
december2011 033
december2011 034
december2011 035
december2011 048
K & M
december2011 051
S & S
december2011 056
P (s&s’s son) showing off his new “copture”
december2011 057
Ken & I

We stayed in for New Years Eve playing computer games while Dick Clark’s Rockin New Years Eve was on in the background… it was nice… and the final **sigh** moment of 2011? – Ken stopped playing, stood in front of the tv when the countdown began grabbed me and then we counted down and shared a kiss slow dancing in our pjs while auld lang syne played. I’ll cherish that little moment.

Good night for now ( I’m getting the” pssssst! I’m waiting on you” from the hubby!)

Delicious Wishes!


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