Be Thankful Challenge–Completed

I first learned about the Be Thankful Challenge from Tina @ Carrots ‘n’ Cake.  I started off strong the first five days of the challenge:
1. my job 
2. ponytail holders
3. warm socks
4. dancing games
5. time-tested and new friends

Then I got distracted from my blogging. I believed very strongly in the importance of this challenge and decided to finish it for myself. The rest of the list for what I’m thankful for:

6. jeans
7. bath confetti
8. fun colored flats
9. sunshine
10. self sticky envelopes
11. old pictures
12. high heels
13. scarves
14. karaoke
15. make-up
16. electricity
17. talk-to-text feature on my new phone
18. rain while i’m sleeping
19. zune for music while walking
20. recipes
21. air conditioning
22. warm blankets
23. Jesus everything he has done and is still doing for us
24. my parents & in-laws
25. rainbows
26. prayer
27. my hubby
28. 2 player video games (with at least one female character)
29. my 5 senses
30. chocolate

Do you believe it is important to single out one thing, big or small,  everyday to be thankful for?


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