Dare to Bare…

It all.

Okay, not EVERYthing… but it may feel like it to you.

I happened to come across this post Monday from Caitlin @ Healthy Tipping Point. I thought “wow! good for them if they are brave enough to go without all that!” and moved right along not giving it anymore thought to the challenge.

This morning however, while getting ready for work, the gears slowly started turning. What could I “go naked” with? Honestly, I would not be comfortable at all committing to go without ANY makeup –everywhere–  for any amount of time. 97% of the time I will put on makeup if going out into the world… not just for my sanity and boost of confidence, but also for the people (don’t want to scare anyone!)
So all makeup was out.. and I’m pretty sure Ken would cry and be totally grossed out if I gave up shaving for the month. (I would too)

So while swirling my foundation brush around its palette (aka mah face) I started contemplating what I realistically could try… then it came to me. 

I love eye makeup..well any kind of makeup. I even worked at a makeup counter for a while. Eye shadows in all forms and colors, eyeliners, mascara… but none of it will be making an appearance this month.The month of February I will claim as my month for naked eyes. No eye makeup for the whole month.

To me, eye makeup is a finishing touch, one that polishes your whole look. This morning and all through the day so far when looking in the mirror, my eyes seem to look forgotten. I wonder how I will feel about the look at the end of the month. It does seem that my eyes feel different without it. (all in my head I’m sure) But it is nice not worrying if my eyeliner smudged where it shouldn’t or if mascara will flake off and mess with my contacts. 

I’m not going to mention to Ken or anyone really that I’m doing this project, just wait and see if anyone notices. The not shaving thing he would definitely have noticed as well as the complete no makeup thing.. he knows how I am with makeup in general. He has gotten use to waiting hours minutes on me to finish my makeup before going out.(or finishing it in the car, not while driving of course) With eye makeup, although important, I feel it is a completely achievable goal for the month.

If you are interested in learning more about the Naked Face Project please visit their website.

Do you love makeup? Have a favorite part( e.g.:blush,bronzer,eye shadow) ? Is there something you could go bare with?


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