Everyone Loves a Good Challenge

So my year is off with a bang!

Several good things, small and big: We are anxiously awaiting the ‘go ahead’ on getting things started on buying a house, got new brake pads on my car (no more grinding noise!), received a great year-end review at work, got a new cellphone that does amazing things! — loving the talk to text feature SO NEAT! the accuracy is pretty amazing. It also answers my question of could communicating get anymore lazy easier than sending texts.. yes it can! you can talk your text instead of touching buttons.. and I love it. (it’s especially hilarious some of the words it mistakes me for saying)

Its also been a busy month already: that work review — yeah it was today– and I started two challenges for the month (more on this later) I also managed to break a light bulb at work. Not so good, but really, they shouldn’t have left the bulb wrapped in a cloth on my desk.. how was I to know that the cloth was concealing that.

So this month I will be participating in two challenges: The Naked Face Project, which I wrote about earlier, and #FebPhotoADay.

#FebPhotoADay is a photo challenge for the month of February. I started seeing tweets with the hashtag and thought it was just photos people randomly decided to post. Then I saw Jenn @ Eating bender’s post and thankfully discovered that it was an actual challeneg and it had rules. (before I made a fool of myself on Twitter by randomly posting a picture with that hashtag)

Here are the rules for #FebPhotoADay –

Here was My View Today

Here is my Day 1 Naked Eyes

How has February 1st been to you?


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