I’m thirsty anyway..

So bring on the rain.  Just a little reference to test your country song lyric knowledge.

It has been raining all day today!  Tomorrow is suppose to be a repeat performance. I’m not complaining though, besides the ground benefiting from the all day rainfest, it gives an ample excuse for more Star Wars with the hubby!

Tonight is movie date night! yay!  The hubby will be dressed and ready so we can leave shortly after I arrive home. I informed him that this would be possible since I wouldn’t need to change and his follow up question was ” will you need to put on makeup?” Yep… he knows how I roll. But I was able to truthfully say, “nope, well maybe just some blush.”

That brings me to Day 3 of having Naked Eyes:

Day 3 of #FebPhotoADay is hands:

the way it is every time we get in the car

Hope everyone has a wonderful Friday!

Planning to go see a movie this weekend? Do you have a favorite genre*? 

*when I was younger I would interchange pronouncing this as geneere and the correct form, zhahn-ruh… and by younger I mean 6 years ago.


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