Look Who is Back

I am back! Thank goodness it seems the worst of whatever that was is gone.

I’m sorry it seemed like I fell off the planet, but when I’m sick I don’t want to do a thing… sleep is my best friend. Even though I did not enjoy being sick I did enjoy sleeping! I was spoiled after only two days of no work. (it doesn’t take long!) But now I’m getting back in the routine and had to play catch-up on Wednesday.

Being the front desk receptionist may not seem like a lot of work to deal with… but it can be! Then I have other projects I am volunteered to help with which does help pass the time. It seems like it’s a whole lot of work to do all due very soon or no work at all which reduces me to refreshing facebook and twitter every 10 seconds. (c’mon something new to read and do please!!)

I did manage to keep up with #FebPhotoADay through twitter and I promise you I had more a Naked Face than ever while I was out.. even though I didn’t take a picture. I will start posting my Naked Eyes photos again starting with yesterday’s look later.

What is something that just makes you feel better when you are sick?


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