Day Date 2-11-13

Saturday Ken & I had a date day. I love those! We took the majority of the day to ourselves. We woke up, got dressed and headed out for doughnuts. Breakfast of lazy people champions! Donut Palace is quite yummy in fact most weekend mornings when I ask “what do you want for breakfast?” Ken’s automatic response — “Doughnuts!” It doesn’t always work, but sometimes it most definitely puts the craving in my brain.

Our next destination was Tinseltown for the first showing of  Man on a Ledge. Groupon had a $12.00 deal for two tickets that I was fortunate to see. The movie was great! Action/Adventure, a bit of comedic relief, and suspense. I find it amazing that I have gone from the “I need to see it opening night or its not worth it” girl to the “I’ll wait a week or go see it during the day when there aren’t as many people. So I can enjoy the movie instead of straining to hear it from other distractions” girl.

After the movie we went to JC Penny to see what they are all about now since they changed pricing at the beginning of February. I really wasn’t dressed for trying on clothes… you know… boots that aren’t as easy to slip off as flip flops, warm jacket since it was cold and the wind was blowing, jeans tucked inside boots. But I managed to come out with a magenta shirt and grey quarter length sleeve sweater.

Longhorn steakhouse just opened near us and it has been packed everyday I come home. (How do all these people get there before 5:30!?!)

So around 3:00 Ken decided we needed to go there so we could eat an early dinner. I thought we could’ve waited to go around 4:00. The wait was 30 minutes at 3:15… I’m glad I listened to him! By 4:00 we were seated and hungry. We both got the 7 oz filet that came with one side and honey wheat bread. It was delicious! I was very impressed with the seasoning, didn’t have to use any kind of sauce at all.

sweet potato for me, mac & cheese for Ken

At the end of the meal we both wanted to try dessert but knew we didn’t have room for a full size portion. We decided to order the trio sampler, it had smaller portions of the two desserts we wanted to try and it was cheaper then getting two separate desserts: win/win!

Ken’s going in for the cheesecake!

As promised here are my photos to catch up what I am missing from being sick:



Ken made me dinner when I was sick.. chicken noodle soup — just what I needed!



Don’t let the sun go down on me yeeaah..

Front Door

the building I work in

Self Portrait

thanks to cartoon editing–I was feeling artsy

Makes You Happy

 gaming with my hubby

Inside Your Closet

from my floor’s perspective


good ole Microsoft Word

Naked Eyes
Day 9

Day 10

Day 13

I have been enjoying the Naked Eyes project. Some days I really love it but other days it still just looks like something is missing.

Do you have date days? How do you decide on dessert at a restaurant?


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