I’m Walking on Sunshine


The sweet smell of freshly mowed grass.
The warmth of sunshine on my body.
The crisp air slightly burning my lungs as I inhale.
The gentle breeze offering cooling refreshment.

The past two days it has been perfect outside!

I have started walking again on my breaks.. it may only be 10 minutes 2-3 times a day.. but every little bit helps and it seems to recharge me.

Its so easy to recall “that feeling” I get from exercising when I’m out walking. The satisfaction of not only accomplishing goals but how amazing I feel physically and personally when keeping up my activity. 11 pounds to get back to where I was… that is no mountain to climb. I must do more than talk about doing something about it though.

Of course this all easily slips from my mind when I get home.. the couch is soooo comfy… and the bed.. well it has a tight hold on me in the morning.

I have to constantly remind myself that I will feel better if I get up and accomplish what I know will make me feel good. Maybe one morning it will sink in and make me roll out of bed.

What gives you motivation? How do you keep it?


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