Weekend Update 3/10

Can I just say I hate hate hate trying to get credit cards and credit bureaus updated.. yeah, I said it…. (please mr. man who updates the bureaus.. don’t take this statement personally and make things even more impossible to be correctly updated for me! thank you)

As far as the house hunt goes… it’s still on. Which I think will end up to be a good thing. We didn’t (and still don’t) know what we were doing and almost got hoodwinked! They were asking waaaay too much and wouldn’t back down. But that’s ok… we have options.  We are going to regroup a bit and get connected with a realtor who apparently is awesome. This weekend we got to snoop browse around some other houses in the same area, but will have to wait a couple more weeks to be able to really see the details and not just drywall.

Besides the mini tour of homes this weekend, I got my hair done on Saturday… boy did it need it! Shannon from Lacru salon worked her magic, gone are the dark roots and fresh blonde hues are once again in place. I tried taking particular notice to how and what products she used to style my hair. I feel I get stuck in the same rut with how I fix my hair the mornings. (e.g. straightener straight or up in a ponytail) I seem to leave myself little to no time for hairstyling — would you like to guess how I have my hair styled today… it’s a 50/50 chance you will get it right! I need to take time to study Kate’s tutorials on the Small Things blog to have a few options committed to memory.( I ❤ her site!)

Then Saturday evening Ken and I stayed up til 3 (A.M.!!) playing Star Wars The Old Republic! It was so much fun! But you know what wasn’t so much fun?? Going to bed at a normal time Sunday to get up at ridiculous-o’clock Monday for work. Booo work… why can’t we be independently wealthy… or our work be playing games.. that has to be a cool job! (I am grateful to have a job nonetheless)

How do you change up your hairstyle?


4 thoughts on “Weekend Update 3/10

  1. Good luck house hunting! We purchased a home in December and it was quite the adventure. Huge learning experience but we do love our little home 🙂 hope you find a place to make yours.

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