A Peek into Thoughts

I just cant think of anything really to write about.. I feel like our life actions are pretty much on repeat… which is fine for day to day but doesn’t seem exciting for a blog.

Here is an actual excerpt from a conversation with a close friend of mine:
“and i cant be a food blogger.. i just cant.. because there are so many awesome recipes i’d love to try but 85% of them are desserts and i cant make them and then give it away.. that’s wasting money
and i cant eat them all
i mean .. i could but… it would NOT be good”

I read advice on blogging to write about your passion…. but I’m not quite sure what that is. I guess I have a passion for life since I am grateful for my life.. but it needs to be less vague… I have a passion for shoes… and clothes.. but not so many I could take a daily picture and you would never see multiples.. sometimes in a week. I do love makeup as well. and books.

The more I have thought about it though, I don’t have to have a specific purpose to my writing. It’s great for bloggers who do, but just because I don’t have one specific thing in mind doesn’t mean I shouldn’t write. Just because I’m not licensed, have a degree or specialize in certain fields doesn’t mean that what I write won’t mean anything.

I can post about what works (or doesn’t work) for me and it will matter, it will make a difference to me. Because after all, I’m writing for me. And if what I write happens to catch the eye of others, they read along or even share what works for them, then I will be grateful to be blessed with their insight as well.

I know this post had all kinds of random thoughts. For 3 weeks I’ve had this draft.. just sitting in que. Any time I’d have new thoughts about blogging I’d read back over what I had written, add new thoughts or  sometimes just stare at the blinking cursor waiting for some inspiration to write. Today was the day it all clicked in place and I made sense of what I was feeling and wrote it down.

Hopefully it makes sense to others too.

Have you ever had any thoughts like these or concerns about what you should write?


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