Pirate Golf & Undercover Cops

Recently, Ken and I decided to take full advantage of the beautiful weather Mississippi was offering. In Pearl there is a great (and only in our area) mini-golf adventure, Mac & Bones, which offers 18 holes of fun for reasonable prices. We hope it sticks around and expands with more courses! Previously there was another mini-golf place in Jackson/Flowood area that had golf, go-carts and laser tag, games and even an ice skating rink but it closed unfortunately. I miss ice-skating! There is so little “to do” in the area and it’s so far to drive to somewhere that has more to offer.

After Mac & Bones we drove over to Tinseltown to catch a movie! Ken had his heart set on the new 21 Jump Street with Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill.


After grabbing a water for me, large drink and container of Nestle Crunch Dibs for Ken we headed into the theater for almost two hours of laughter. The premise of the movie is the two main actors are cops that are assigned to go undercover at a local high school, where the roles of nerd and cool guy are flipped from their previous experience in school, to catch a drug supplier. It was SO hilarious!! I still crack up with laughter when thinking about scenes. Will definitely be adding it to our “media library” when it comes out. *Warning — it’s crude humor and rated R for a reason..

We were able to meet M & K, a sweet couple, for dinner that evening. K & I have been friends since our pre-teen years. They are getting ready for their wedding coming up in May. I’m excited for them and hopefully will be able to share in their special day.

The house hunt is still on.. kind of at a standstill but hopefully it will be in full swing soon. I think we have even decided to switch counties. Oh joy for the possibility of sleeping later during the work week!! We will see.

Seen any movies you thought were great recently? What activity for a fun outing do you prefer?


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