What I’m Wearing Wednesday (WIWW) — 5/2/12

“It’s better to have fewer things of quality than too much expendable junk.”
—Rachel Zoe

That quote mirrors the mindset I try to have when shopping for new clothes. A few new quality pieces to contribute to the building up of my wardrobe. Pieces that can have multiple uses (e.g. can be paired with several colors, goes with work or casual attire) and pieces that are specific in use, such as tshirts, shorts, etc.

Today I’m wearing two new pieces I picked up over the weekend. Both fall primarily in the “for work” catagory, but could be used for separate occasions as well. I think the ruffle adds a extra special touch to the shirt. And these flats… I’m in love with them! So cute and comfortable. They will probably be featured in their own post.. and worn plenty.

                                                                             Shirt- JC Penny
                                  Shoes- DSW
                                  Necklace- Christmas gift from hubby
                                  Earrings- Charming Charlie

What did you wear today?


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