Fitness Festival & Spring Luncheon

The complex that my building is in had a Fitness Festival on Tuesday, May1. I was excited to go see what all would be demonstrated and offered.

Sadly, I could only go during my lunch hour instead of being present the entire time. I made it over there just as the Zumba demonstration was ending. After Zumba, the Tabata demostration began. It was interesting learning a little more about this form of exercise. The instructor mentioned the tabata timer app and I downloaded it that afternoon. I can’t wait to incorporate this in my daily routine, especially since it is already getting very humid and hot during the day. Yoga was to be demonstrated afterwards and I really wanted to join in but unfortunately I would have to return to work before they were through. I was able to snap a few pictures before I had to leave. Overall, I was there about 15 minutes and I was hoping for something a little more involved.

Wednesday, May 2, we had our Spring Staff Luncheon at the agency. Any time lunch is provided is a special treat for us. It’s also what I feel are make-you or break-you days as far as eating goes. Occasionally some of the dishes provided are contributed by employees. You don’t want to hurt anyones feelings by skipping their dish or gross anyone out by piling up your plate putting its sturdy claims to the the test. If you eat too much.. there goes your good eating habits for the day and can result in feeling stuffed and sleepy. Eat too little and the rumbling from your tummy can be heard echoing off the walls, kicking yourself for not bringing at least a snack for the day from home.

I think I was able to get a decent balance this time. My plate is featured in the center of the collage below. I chose: salad with olives, cucumber, raspberry vinegarette; a nice helping of green beans; a small scoop of chicken spaghetti (the guilt took over momentarily while in line but at least it was a reasonable size.. just a taste); fried chicken breast(removed the fried part) and a roll. The rolls looked scrumptuous… but after a bite I wasn’t impressed and didn’t finish it. I also grabbed a cookie (just one!) and a small slice of a store bought pound cake (unpictured). After lunch I thought my choices could have been better.. but also could have been very worse.

Chicken Spaghetti
Green Beans
Fried Chicken
Green Salad

 Do you have a personal guideline when lunch is provided?


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