I’m Christina, the girl who wears the heels and cooks the meals around here. Just a small town southern girl, married to the love of my life. I have a passion for cooking, photography, books & traveling.

Seemingly always wanting to try something new or a different way leads to others, as well as myself, saying “What Now Tina..” Whether its recipes (having a husband that is a picky  particular eater can be tricky) or fashion, decorating by themes or planning vacations — there are always some ideas floating around.

 When I was younger, I wasn’t always in the kitchen and when I was, I wanted to do things my way. Now, I understand the value in being taught and handed down tips and methods — so from time to time I will hop on the phone to call my mom, my mother – in -law, and when my “my way” streak is present – internet search engines are my best friend.

 Feel free to follow along to see what I’ll be trying next!


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