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NPBC – Confessions of a Jane Austen Addict

Initially, when browsing books to choose from, at our first meeting this title jumped out at me. I adore Jane Austen’s novels and characters so something that has a potential link to her or her works generates a spark of immediate interest.

Confessions of a Jane Austen Addict by Laurie Viera Rigler to be our first read. Being that I work in a library the very next day I checked to see if we had it on hand. Checked  out — drats! I decided quickly to purchase the book via Kindle app on my iPad. I couldn’t wait to delve into the plot. The summary had me enticed at what possibilities lay ahead.

Courtney Stone, after suffering humiliation at the hands of her fiance, falls asleep reading a favorite Jane Austen novel and wakes up in bedroom that doesn’t belong to her. In fact, she wakes up to find she is in a different person’s body — in another century! Believing herself in a dream she is indifferent to her predicament.
Quickly the importance of carrying on as who she appears to be, Jane Mansfield, is impressed upon her if she is to survive in this time period. Courtney, while trying to blend in and understand the requirements of the time she is in, also searches for how she can get back to Los Angeles and her own life.

SPOILERPlease do not read further if you plan to read this book!

In the beginning I was intrigued as to how events would unfold and eager to see what Courtney would experience. But I became disappointed with this character. While she proclaimed to be an avid fan of Jane Austen’s works, her actions and thoughts didn’t seem to show it. I imagine that if any of us would somehow be transported to the nineteenth century that, yes, it would be a shock and we would definitely not know how to react to a lot of things. (e.g. dinner customs, phrases of language, bathing, and other hygiene matters) Although how she thought and acted towards men she found attractive, would someone who is “well-versed” in Austen act that way without thinking of what the implications could be? It just struck me as odd.

Another thing was constant comparison of Wes to Charles. Did they have a connection?

Her discussion with the fortune-teller only brought more questions. Was she saying that an identity could be fluid and wherever your focus is at the time is who you are? Had she been Jane all along, as well as Courtney? Since James referenced that Jane “always did talk like that” when it came to rank and people’s station in life according to their family. Along with the stories of Abraham Lincoln and Rosa Parks.

Then there is the diary letter at the end — where she admits to have forgotten most everything. That Charles reminded her that she had “the gift of story” and wanted to hear again the story she told him on their wedding journey. After that, it’s all just a story to her and she mentions her “whispering to me at odd times and telling me her tales.”

I feel that, without a firm explanation given, the ending felt rushed and confusing. I was disappointed to the point where I decided reading the sequel was not on my to-do list. At least not any time soon.

The No Pressure Book Club met Thursday, May 17, at Corner Bakery Cafe to discuss our thoughts about Confessions of a Jane Austen Addict.

After only a few minutes it was apparent we all shared the same opinion.

Although enjoying small points — bathing and hygiene customs — being brought out that might not be thought of while reading Austen novels, we were disappointed in the book. We agreed that the explanation of what happened (or lack-of), especially the ending, seemed as if the words just ran circles around each other and did not make much sense. One of the ladies said that, while reading the ending, she felt the author thought of the readers as stupid due to how she left the ending of the book.

Have you read Confessions of a Jane Austen Addict ? What were your thoughts?

I’m holding out hope that our next title – The Night Circus – I will enjoy more!

I chose a slice of lemon pound cake and brought home a chocolate baby bundt cake for Ken. His won the best treat of the night award in my book.


No Pressure Book Club

The No Pressure Book Club (NPBC) was formed last month and I was lucky enough to be included. Our first meeting, at Sal & Mookie’s, we were introduced to one another, passed around a few book selections and voted on our first few picks.

A tradition I started was, although I plan to eat dinner with Ken before the meetings, to enjoy a treat with the ladies. I plan to always order a treat of some kind and get one to take home for Ken to enjoy as well.

At the first meeting I had decided to have the Creme Brulee, but alas, they were out! So I settled on the plain New York Cheesecake and it did not disappoint. I also ordered the same for Ken but added strawberry sauce.

Tonight we are meeting, at Corner Bakery Cafe, to discuss our first book selection. I’m looking forward to the hearing everyone’s opinion, the extra conversations and enjoying a treat!

Day Date 2-11-13

Saturday Ken & I had a date day. I love those! We took the majority of the day to ourselves. We woke up, got dressed and headed out for doughnuts. Breakfast of lazy people champions! Donut Palace is quite yummy in fact most weekend mornings when I ask “what do you want for breakfast?” Ken’s automatic response — “Doughnuts!” It doesn’t always work, but sometimes it most definitely puts the craving in my brain.

Our next destination was Tinseltown for the first showing of  Man on a Ledge. Groupon had a $12.00 deal for two tickets that I was fortunate to see. The movie was great! Action/Adventure, a bit of comedic relief, and suspense. I find it amazing that I have gone from the “I need to see it opening night or its not worth it” girl to the “I’ll wait a week or go see it during the day when there aren’t as many people. So I can enjoy the movie instead of straining to hear it from other distractions” girl.

After the movie we went to JC Penny to see what they are all about now since they changed pricing at the beginning of February. I really wasn’t dressed for trying on clothes… you know… boots that aren’t as easy to slip off as flip flops, warm jacket since it was cold and the wind was blowing, jeans tucked inside boots. But I managed to come out with a magenta shirt and grey quarter length sleeve sweater.

Longhorn steakhouse just opened near us and it has been packed everyday I come home. (How do all these people get there before 5:30!?!)

So around 3:00 Ken decided we needed to go there so we could eat an early dinner. I thought we could’ve waited to go around 4:00. The wait was 30 minutes at 3:15… I’m glad I listened to him! By 4:00 we were seated and hungry. We both got the 7 oz filet that came with one side and honey wheat bread. It was delicious! I was very impressed with the seasoning, didn’t have to use any kind of sauce at all.

sweet potato for me, mac & cheese for Ken

At the end of the meal we both wanted to try dessert but knew we didn’t have room for a full size portion. We decided to order the trio sampler, it had smaller portions of the two desserts we wanted to try and it was cheaper then getting two separate desserts: win/win!

Ken’s going in for the cheesecake!

As promised here are my photos to catch up what I am missing from being sick:



Ken made me dinner when I was sick.. chicken noodle soup — just what I needed!



Don’t let the sun go down on me yeeaah..

Front Door

the building I work in

Self Portrait

thanks to cartoon editing–I was feeling artsy

Makes You Happy

 gaming with my hubby

Inside Your Closet

from my floor’s perspective


good ole Microsoft Word

Naked Eyes
Day 9

Day 10

Day 13

I have been enjoying the Naked Eyes project. Some days I really love it but other days it still just looks like something is missing.

Do you have date days? How do you decide on dessert at a restaurant?