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WIWW- 6/27/12

“I love new clothes. If everyone could just wear new clothes everyday, I reckon depression wouldn’t exist anymore.”
Sophie Kinsella, Confessions of a Shopaholic

I love getting new clothes. And I love to wear them as soon as possible. It’s like I have this compelling urge to show off the wonderful treasures resulting from my diligent searching of racks.

When I was younger I would usually wear my new items the day after getting them. In fact, on some occasions, I would even wear the new item(s) before even leaving the store they were purchased in.

Proof some things never change. The day I bought this dress — I wore it that night!

Dress -Target ** I love the buttons and pockets!! **

Shoes – DSW

Earrings – Material Girls

Necklace – Gift from my hubby (our first Christmas)

How long do you wait to wear a new purchase?


Movie Date Night – February 3

Last night Ken and I went on a movie date. We stopped by Dickey’s BBQ to grab a quick bite to eat (and a yummy buttered roll!) in order to make the 7:10 show. I was able to snag a great Living Social deal – 2 tickets for $12.00. The movie deal was for One for the Money starring Katherine Heigl. It is based on a book series by Janet Evanovich.. I may be reading those soon! We enjoyed it and laughed a lot through the whole movie. I like Katherine as an actress and don’t know why so many times her movies get bad reviews. I don’t listen to the critics all the time anyway!

Here is a quick photo shoot before heading out

Thanks for the ears babe…

put on my rain gear a.k.a. my hoodie

and off we went to enjoy a night out in the rain!

This morning when we woke up the rain had finally stopped.. yaay! We decided to venture out to a few stores, hoping we would be back home before the next round hit us….

it caught us.

Wind and rain blowing all around and coming down in sheets! We hung out in DSW waiting for it to slack up some while watching how other people tried to avoid getting soaked. Everything from plastic bags over heads to umbrellas -small and large- and others seemingly hoped to just run between the gallons drops of rain.
This provided the perfect time for #FebPhotoADay Day 4 – Stranger:

This gentleman and his wife had the same waiting idea we had.

Finally we took our chance and made a mad dash for our car (where our jackets waited for us in the dry warm shelter) three stores down from where we were. After the shock and coldness of the rain wore off and we had our jackets with their hoods as far down on our heads as they would go we took off into Best Buy for Ken to browse. Then walked to Target… I was on a mission and it proved to be successful.
Hello lovely polka dotted flowery beauties!

I love that you keep my tootsies dry and toasty! You deserve that honored spot by the front door.

My Day 4 of Naked Eyes

This was taken after we made it home after running through the rain.. at least I didn’t have to worry about mascara running down my face!

How do you keep the rain off you when you have to go out in it? Have you found rain boots to be useful?