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WIWW- 6/27/12

“I love new clothes. If everyone could just wear new clothes everyday, I reckon depression wouldn’t exist anymore.”
Sophie Kinsella, Confessions of a Shopaholic

I love getting new clothes. And I love to wear them as soon as possible. It’s like I have this compelling urge to show off the wonderful treasures resulting from my diligent searching of racks.

When I was younger I would usually wear my new items the day after getting them. In fact, on some occasions, I would even wear the new item(s) before even leaving the store they were purchased in.

Proof some things never change. The day I bought this dress — I wore it that night!

Dress -Target ** I love the buttons and pockets!! **

Shoes – DSW

Earrings – Material Girls

Necklace – Gift from my hubby (our first Christmas)

How long do you wait to wear a new purchase?


Not What I Imagined…

Yesterday, while sitting at work waiting for 5:00, I jotted down a few essential grocery items to get us through the week. Trying to find and include healthy go-to choices I wrote greek yogurt on the “to pick-up” side of the list. There have been several mentions on blogs I’ve read across that they have used greek yogurt for several things. I was excited to try this product. As I plucked an original and honey flavored off the shelf and placed it in my cart, my head was full of wonderings on how I could use this new fantastic product…

This morning I mindlessly tasted the dab leftover from where the lid had brushed my finger while putting some yogurt in a container to be enjoyed with broccoli and carrots at lunch…. RED FLAG…. What was that taste?? Was that the “wonder” product??? Hmmm.. I decided to add onion powder and garlic pepper to it hoping for a nice veggie dip in return. Following through with my plan, for breakfast I pulled out the container of strawberries and blueberries I also had on my “to pick-up” list. Mixed the berries with the yogurt topped with sliced banana and hoped for the best…. after I choked down a couple of bites, maybe some vanilla and cinnamon would help… and a dash of splenda. Despite all the additions and best of intentions I could not finish the container. I poured a small glass of milk and finished the banana with peanut butter. I still had hope, however slight, for the veggie dip at lunch.

Sadly, it too was a no go. It’s a good thing I brought a fruit cup and almonds with dried berries as snacks.

So what happened? Are my taste buds so far off from what others enjoy? Are the flavored varieties better? I was wanting to try hummus too, but now I’m a little leery.. I will still give it a shot.. probably.

Have you tried a food product that didn’t turn out as you hoped?