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WIWW – 7/18/12

Pete and Repeat were on a boat… Pete fell out, who is left?

Repeat… That is what I’m doing today with my wardrobe. I’m so sorry I neglected last week’s WIWW!! Actually it was Thursday morning when I was thinking what will I wear for today’s post when it hit me.. it was THURSDAY! Last Wednesday was so busy I didn’t know what was what. Two major things went down: I had a job interview; our realtor emailed about a new listing just on the market that sounded perfect for us.

Job interview went good and sounded like something that would be a great fit. They called within a few hours and offered me the job! I took it.

Our realtor advised us to look at the house that evening if possible. We met her after work and looked through the house and decided to put in an offer. We filled out paperwork and the next day I got a certified check for earnest money. My cousin also informed us that he was going to go ahead pulling our credit about a month earlier than we had previously discussed. Talk about a NERVOUS NELLIE — we have been trying to get our credit cleaned up and in shape, many times to pull it with high hopes only to be disappointed — for one reason or another never quite what we were aiming for.

When he called informing me that the credit had been pulled, he sighed. I could feel myself deflate and said “great.. now what?” Then he started laughing and shouting “it’s good! it’s good! it’s better than we wanted it to be!” I can not tell you how elated I was in that moment. It felt like a huge weight had been lifted to know that finally our credit was where we had been striving for, actually above it!

Thursday (last week) we were able to put in an offer on the house. That evening we found out that there had been another offer made. We discussed with our realtor what our best offer would be and Friday she put in another offer from us. We are still waiting to hear back. All we know is that we will hear something this week. The waiting game is terrible! It seems like things are just dragging slowly now and we are trying to avoid doing something rash — for instance — looking at another house, falling for it and withdrawing our current offer to put down another one. If we haven’t heard anything by this Friday tho, it may be the option we choose.

So anyways, while we wait… back to where I started this post: What I’m wearing today is also what I wore last Wednesday.. just so you wouldn’t miss anything 😉

Shirt – Old Navy

Shoes – DSW

Necklace – Gift from my hubby

Bracelet cuff – Charming Charlie

E.T. – Experience Tuesday

Things I’ve experienced today:

time limit pressure
stomach growls

— I may or may not be about to suffer an anxiety attack at the moment…

We are in negotiations of buying a house.